WOLF Garten

Product imageProduct codeProduct namePriceMore info
Pole Adaptor ARS to WOLF | Product code ARWOLFAD
ARWOLFADWOLF Garten Adaptor to ARS EXP Extension Poles
WOLF Garten Adjustable Fruit Picker | Product code WORGM
WORGMWOLF Garten Adjustable Fruit Picker
WOLF PCS370 Curved Saw Head | Product code WOPCS370
WOPCS370WOLF Garten PCS370 Curved Saw Head
WOLF PCS370Pro Curved Saw Head | Product code WOPCS370PRO
WOPCS370PROWOLF Garten PCS370Pro Curved Saw Head
WOLF RC-VM Anvil Lopping Head | Product code WORCVM
WORCVMWOLF Garten RC-VM Anvil Lopping Head
WOLF RCM Anvil Lopping Head | Product code WORCM
WORCMWOLF Garten RCM Anvil Lopping Head
WOLF RR750 Bypass Lopper | Product code WORR750
WORR750WOLF Garten RR 750 Power Cut Bypass Lopper
WOLF Telescopic Bypass Lopper | Product Code WORR900T
WORR900TWOLF Garten RR 900T Telescopic Bypass Lopper
WOLF RR-VM Bypass Lopping Head | Product code WORRVM
WORRVMWOLF Garten RR-VM Bypass Lopping Head
WOLF Anvil Telescopic Lopper | Product code WORS900T
WORS900TWOLF Garten RS900T Telescopic PowerCut Anvil Lopper
WOLF ZMV3 Telescopic Pole 3m | Product Code WOZMV3
WOZMV3WOLF Garten ZMV3 Telescopic Pole - 3m
WOLF ZMV4 Telescopic Pole 4m | Product Code WOZMV4
WOZMV4WOLF Garten ZMV4 Telescopic Pole - 4m