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BANNED 930mm Possum Guard – 5m Kit – 6 Joiners

The Safe and Humane way to keep Possums, Koalas and other animals out of trees without damaging the tree

BANNED™ Possum Guard is a safe & humane way to prevent possums, koalas and other animals from accessing and damaging trees.

The unique galvanised strip joining system makes it easy to install. It is ideal for Councils, Botanic Gardens and other areas that have At-risk or Significant Trees that need protection. The guard is also ideal for large fruit trees to prevent possums eating the buds and flowers.

  • Fast and simple one person installation
  • Does Not Damage Tree – no fasteners into the cambium of the tree
  • Can also be used on Utility Assets
  • Very humane, safe and lawful method of deterring animals from climbing trees


  • Dimensions: 930mm high x 5m roll (home kit)
  • Clear material – natural trunk colour shows through
  • Durable ultraviolet-resistant polycarbonate
  • Galvanised joining strips

Complete kit includes:

  • 1x 5 metre roll x 930mm high
  • 6 easy to use joiners
  • 24 screws
  • All you need is a battery drill, tape measure and scissors
  • Some duct tape to hold in position during installation can be useful
  • View the Visual Installation instructions at possumguard.com.au

Installation instructions – see the possumguard.com.au website here


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Weight 5.4 kg
Dimensions 96 × 30 × 30 cm