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BAHCO 50cm Narrow Head Lopper

The P114-SL50 is a lightweight lopper with narrow cutting head ideal for vineyard pruning.

Part of BAHCO’s Super-Light professional lopper range, the P114-SL50 features medium length handles with a narrow shallow hook head design.

They are ideal for pruning vines and getting into tight forks in orchards. Offering a decent 30mm cut capacity these compact, light weight loppers at just 682 grams are a popular choice.

  • High quality blade material and precise grinding for cutting performance
  • Narrow cutting head for easy access and quick precise cuts
  • Lightweight aluminium handles with in-tube assembled blade and counter blade for easy maintenance
  • Spare/replacement parts available
  • Rubber shock absorbers for less fatigue and increased comfort
  • Center bolt locking system prevents blade loosening
  • Cutting capacity: 30mm, weight: 682 grams, overall length: 500mm


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Weight .682 kg
Dimensions 56 × 4 × 19 cm