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Secateur - ARS Professional Bypass Fixed Handle

  • Perfection in heavy-duty precision pruning for orchard, vineyard and horticulture.
  • Marquench hardening gives the blades the best steel structure and durable cutting performance.
  • Razor sharp, hard-chrome plated blades for rust and sap resistance.
  • Counter blade sap groove reduces friction and jamming
  • Thicker branches can be pruned with this ergonomic design that permits wide blade opening with a comparatively small grip opening.
  • The single-handed squeeze-open-lock system is simple, convenient and secure.
  • Ergonomically shaped alloy handles with comfortable PVC grips.
  • Available in 3 sizes for correct fit in your hand, ensuring the best grip.
  • Quality Japanese manufacture.

Replacement blades and other spare parts available.

ARVS7ZSmall180mm long212g
ARVS8ZMedium200mm long250g
ARVS9ZLarge227mm long257g
Categories: Secateurs, ARS

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Secateur - ARS Professional Bypass Rotating Handle

The ARVSR series provides the same perfection in heavy-duty precision pruning as the ARVS series with the additional advantage of a rotating handle. The rotating handle moves with the fingers as each cut is made, eliminating friction between handle and skin, preventing blisters and reducing fatigue.

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