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Secateur - ARS Cut & Hold

  • Professional quality, robust secateurs of simple design.
  • Ideal for medium and large hands.
  • Marquench hardening gives the blades the best steel structure and durable cutting performance.
  • Razor sharp, hard-chrome plated blades for rust and sap resistance. 
  • Has stem-grip device for holding stems of fruit or cut flowers.

Replacement blades and other spare parts available.

Categories: Secateurs, ARS

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Bright Blue Grip version of the ARS 300L Long Nose Harvesting Snip ideal for Tomato Harvesting. All steel construction, high carbon blades.

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Secateur - ARS 130DX Bypass, 18.7cm

The AR130DX is a lightweight small bypass secateur, ideal for lighter pruning tasks, making this model a favourite with plant nursery staff.

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Secateur - Bighorn Cut & Hold

The Bighorn Cut-n-Hold Secateur is a competitively priced nylon handled secateur with adjustable stem-hold plate. It allows you to cut and hold the stem in one action.

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Lopper - ARS Narrow Cutting Head Bypass

The LPB Professional Loppers are lightweight and durable, ergonomically designed for comfortable handling with minimum fatigue.
The ARLPB20S is a narrower cutting head.

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