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Pole - ARS Telescopic 5.5 metres


This pruning pole from ARS has all the features of the popular EXP4.5, but extends to 5.5m. The triple extension allows the pole to extend from just 2.1 metres to 5.5 metres.

This pole is light but remarkably rigid even when fully extended.

Design to be used with ARUV47. An adaptor is also avaiable to use with WOLF anvil or bypass lopping heads.

Replacement blades and other spare parts available.

AREXP552.175m to 5.605m2.1kg
Categories: High Reach Tools, ARS

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The ARUV47 is a versatile arborist branch cutting saw head for use with 4.5m and 5.5m ARS telescopic poles; integrated branch hook and bark cutter. Blade Length 470mm.

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Pole Adaptor - ARS to Wolf

ARS to WOLF adaptor enables the attachement of WOLF Garten lopping heads to ARS EXP poles.

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