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Shovel - Bahco D Handle Square

The BALST7012 is a great shovel for lifting and shifting materials like sand and soil.

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Shovel - Bahco Long Handled Post Hole

The BALST7001 is a long handled shovel great for digging post holes and drains, clearing and mixing works.

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Shovel - Bahco Long Handled Trenching

The BALST7902 is a trenching shovel great for digging narrow trenches when laying cable and pipes and for cleaning agricultural drainage.

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Spade - Bahco D Handle Digging

The BALST6002 is a great spade for all kind of digging work in the field and garden.

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Wire & Bolt Cutter - Bahco

The BA1520G cutters are exceptional for cutting piano, hard and soft wires.

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