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ARS Leather Secateur Pouch



This Leather Secateur Holster from ARS is:

  • Manufactured in the USA 
  • Has metal clip on the back for quick fitting onto belt or clothing
  • Also equipped with belt slots
  • 5 rivets in the seams to provide extra strength

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Secateur - ARS Cut & Hold

This AR120EUR is the cut and hold version of the AR120EU secateur. It has a stem-grip device for holding stems of fruit or cut flowers.

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Secateur - Bighorn Bypass 21cm, Die-cast Handles

The Bighorn Bypass Secateur offers great value with comfortable die-cast aluminium handles and high carbon SK5 blade with non-stick coating.

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Secateur - ARS 120EU Bypass

Professional quality, robust AR120EU secateurs of simple design.

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Secateur - Bahco Bypass 200mm

This BAP120 Bypass Secateur is ideal for pruning vineyards, orchards and ornamental plants.

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Secateur - ARS VS-XR Professional Bypass Rotating Handle

The ARVSR series provides the same perfection in heavy-duty precision pruning as the ARVS series with the additional advantage of a rotating handle. The rotating handle moves with the fingers as each cut is made, eliminating friction between handle and skin, preventing blisters and reducing fatigue.

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Secateur - ARS 130DX Bypass, 18.7cm

The AR130DX is a lightweight small bypass secateur, ideal for lighter pruning tasks, making this model a favourite with plant nursery staff.

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